09Feb 2017

Are you an IoT platform owner and you haven’t apply yet to our Open Call? Do you have doubts or you are not sure if this call is for you? Join our Webinar on the 16th of February at 11:00 to 12:00 (CET) and learn everything you need to know, talk to us directly and get […]

19Dec 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the 1st Open call is now launched. symbIoTe project will fund third parties (companies, start-ups, research centres etc.) for implementing specific extensions addressed to federate IoT platform to symbIoTe system, leveraging on the Open Source software, tools and solutions developed within the project. Apply and make your IoT platform symbIoTe-compliant. […]

23Nov 2016

The symbIoTe and the BIG IoT projects, organized the successful workshop “2nd International Workshop on Interoperability & Open Source Solutions for the Internet of Things” (InterOSS-IoT) in Stuttgart, Germany  on 7th of November, 2016. 13 excellent papers were selected and presented on the day, with topics covering a wide range of aspects related to the IoT interoperability, such as semantics, security, business […]

29Sep 2016

symbIoTe, along with the rest projects of IoT-EPI, plans to fund SMEs, startups, research centers and universities with a total of EUR 5.5 million in 10 Open Calls. symbIoTe will launch its 1st Open Call on November 30, 2016, with the 2nd Open Call planned for one year later, at the end of October 2017. […]

08Sep 2016

After a short summer break, the symbIoTe consortium has resumed its work on IoT interoperability. Many things to be done in the next weeks, but let’s take a look first on what we have been doing the previous months… IoT Week, 31 May – 2 June 2016, Belgrade, Serbia Members of the symbIoTe consortium attended […]

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