symbIoTe is ready to open the doors to LoRa™, a new and efficient radio technology based on Semtechtransceiver and concentrator ICs. Unidata, a symbIoTe partner, has recently joined the LoRa™ Alliance, an open and non-profit association working towards the diffusion of the LoRa™ protocol. Unidata is working for the deploying a LoRaWAN™ network in the center of Italy. This is an opportunity to test the LoRaWAN™ technology also inside the symbIoTe use cases.
LoRaWAN™ is the network protocol based on LoRaradio, a spread spectrum technology working on 868 MHz ISM band in Europe with an infrastructure similar to the cell phone: a base station is able to cover a variable area from thousands of meters (for deep indoor application) up to several kilometers (for full open space area) of radius, with no need for a SIM card, and an ultra low power radio infrastructure, allowing thousands of battery powered devices to join the network with an expected battery lifetime of several years.


The LoRa logo is registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.

The LoRaWAN™ technology could fit in most, if not all, the described use cases and scenario of the symbIoTe project. The symbIoTe use cases will be perfect for testing this technology in outdoor situations (e.g., smart mobility and ecological routing, smart stadium, smart yacthing) in which multiple short range gateways that have to be used could be replaced by a single base station covering a much larger area. Then, symbIoTe ecosystem will be a bridge for information coming from LoRa™ sensors and information coming from different technologies and platforms. So this infrastructure will allow the testing of interaction between different platforms and radio technologies. This offer end users the opportunity of operating under a unique virtualized environment, such is the aim of symbIoTe. 

The LoRaWAN™ adoption is considered a very important goal for Unidata, but it will be an added value also for all IoT solution providers. With this LoRaWAN™ infrastructure, Unidata will realize a dedicated network for the present and future IoT solutions in the European market.