HackaTown 2018

Co-create virtual interoperable IoT smart city applications

(2-days hackathon, 09:30-18:00, 17-18 October, 2018, Barcelona, Spain)

Co-located with

IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC 2018)

IoT HackaTown is looking for creative teams to design innovative web or mobile applications during a unique two days hackathon event (17-18 October 2018), collocated with the IoT Solutions World Congress, in Barcelona.

Two European research projects working on IoT interoperability, symbIoTe and BIG IoT, members of the the Internet of Things European Platform Initiative (IoT-EPI), have partnered together to provide this exciting opportunity for IoT enthusiasts and creative application developers to use several interoperable IoT platforms and technologies so as to implement and improve smart services and applications. The hackathon consists of two challenges, one from each project.

symbioteBig IoT

The symbIoTe challenge is looking for mobile/web applications or Cloud-based services that will use the symbIoTe libraries to create cross-domain value-added offerings on top of the symbIoTe-enabled IoT resources (sensors and actuators). Those resources are exposed by various interoperable IoT platforms and made available by the symbIoTe team. You will get access to 5 categories of IoT resources, all located in the same virtual city, the symbCity: Smart Home/Residence, Smart Campus, Smart Stadium, Smart Yachting, Smart Mobility. You can build your application/service from scratch or extend existing IoT applications/services with interoperability and cross-domain features.

The BIG IoT challenge will provide technologies and mobility & environmental data to allow you to hack and play with parking, cars, environmental sensors, bicycles to develop sustainable and efficient way to live and travel in a smart city. You will get access to the BIG IoT Marketplace and API for the development of new applications/services based on existing BIG IoT offerings and/or for the integration of data/services and development of new applications and services in the following domains: Smart Mobility & Environment and Travelers experience & Eco-route.

Participants can form teams consisting of 2-4 members and can apply for only one challenge. The hackathon will start with a workshop so that participants get familiar with the technologies offered by the two projects. Each team will be assigned a mentor who will advise its members during design and implementation. Apart from the mentors, additional experts from both projects will be available to provide technical support. After the end of the hackathon, the teams will have to pitch their idea/product and demonstrate their software in front of the judges. Finally, the jury will decide and announce the winning teams for each challenge. The total budget for the prizes is 15.000€.

Registration and more info

Please visit our hackathon site at hackatown-2018.devpost.com in order to register! The page will be updated with new information about the hackathon as well as with the details of the two challenges.