Smart Residence

Within the Smart-Residence use-case symbIoTe is used to dynamically combine different services and sensors to provide a natural and homogeneous user experience for smart homes across platforms.


The EduCampus use-case will show how symbIoTe can be used to federate different IoT applications from individual campus deployments.

Smart Stadium

Within the Smart Stadium use case symbIoTe is used to leverage all IoT platforms and devices available at the stadium providing added value services that enhance the fan experience.

Smart Mobility

The Smart Mobility and Ecological Routing use-case will show how symbIoTe can be used to combine cross-domain data to provide useful services to cities and its citizens.

Smart Yachting

The Smart-Yachting use case will enable a touristic port to offer advanced and attractive services to yachts. The port will be seen as a unique platform, an infrastructure, exposing data and services that symbIoTe compliant vessels can automatically interact with.