2nd Open Call is now closed!

What are we funding?

symbIoTe will organize two Open Calls. Selected third parties will receive funding to implement specific Extensions, leveraging on the Open Source software, tools and solutions developed within the project. These extensions include:

  • software adapters for existing IoT platforms so as to become symbIoTe-compliant, in any of the four compliance levels identified
  • domain enablers that will leverage the offerings of the symbIoTe core system so as to provide domain-specific value-adding offerings
  • IoT applications that will take advantage of the offerings from the symbIoTe core and the available enablers, so as to create innovative cross-domain apps
  • small-scale trials with real users for a specific use case (preferably complementary to the symbIote use cases), validating and showcasing the value of the symbIoTe offerings

How do we support Open Call applicants?

A number of services is foreseen for the support of interested parties and applicants. The following services will be launched in time, till the official launch of the 1st Open Call, and will include:

  • Notification Service: interested parties can subscribe so as to receive notifications and updates on available support material.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): common questions and answers that walk the applicants through the submission process, the eligibility criteria and more.
  • Pre-proposal Feasibility Check Service: open for a limited time, this service will allow applicants to send a summary of their proposal for evaluation by the symbIoTe consortium. Parties can make use of this service only once per Open Call.
  • Helpdesk Service: interested parties can submit additional questions which should fall under one of the following categories: i) technical issues, ii) funding scheme, and iii) legal issues.

In addition to the above services, each Open Call will have a dedicated web page with all the necessary material (submission template, legal documents, support material) for the applicants.

What is the schedule for the Open Calls?

The two open calls will be launched in November 30, 2016 and October 31, 2017 respectively. The planned timeline for the 1st Open Call is available below: