Project symbIoTe, co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 688156, launched on October 31st 2017 itd seconf Open Call (call ID ref. symbIoTe-OC2 ) for recipients of financial support.

The call closed on January 31st 2018, at 17.00 CET.

A total of 53 proposals were received for this call. Fifteeen (15) proposals will receive funding for a total amount of 504.807,00 EUR.

The evaluation of proposals by External Experts and the final selection have been completed. All proposers have been informed about the evaluation results for their proposal for financial support on April 12th 2018. The negotiations and preparations of the contracts with the selected applicants were completed on May 2nd 2017.

Response to the call in detail:

  Number of Proposals Funding Requested
Proposals Received 53 4.101.652,00 EUR
Eligible Proposals 51 4.036.652,00 EUR
Proposals above Funding Threshold 27 913.167,00 EUR
Selected Proposals 15 504.807,00 EUR

List of Selected Proposals:

Topic Organization Country Funding Awarded
OC2-L1 Sharigo SRL Italy 39.200,00 EUR
  GDi d.o.o Croatia 39.000,00 EUR
OC2-L2 Universidad Politecnica De Madrid Spain 50.000,00 EUR
  Terracom Informatics Ltd. Greece 50.000,00 EUR
  SENSINOV France 50.000,00 EUR
  VizLore Labs Foundation Serbia 33.900,00 EUR
OC2-L3/4 Modosmart S.L. Spain 40.000,00 EUR
  Envira Sostenible SA Spain 39.400,00 EUR
  Active Social Networking Greece 34.822,00 EUR
  GRIDNET S.A. Greece 40.000,00 EUR
OC2-APPS Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus 20.000,00 EUR
  Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation Spain 19.985,00 EUR
  Spyridon Skiadopoulos Greece 20.000,00 EUR
OC2-TRIALS Udruga "Sindikat Biciklista" Croatia 13.600,00 EUR
  Monitar Lda. Portugal 14.900,00 EUR
Project Acronym symbIoTe
Project Grant Agreement Number 688156
Project Full Name Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments
Call Identifier  Call Title
symbIoTe-OC2-L1 Call for symbIoTe Level-1 compliant IoT platforms
symbIoTe-OC2-L2 Call for symbIoTe Level-2 compliant IoT platforms
symbIoTe-OC2-L3/4 Call for symbIoTe Level-3/4 compliant IoT platforms
symbIoTe-OC2-Apps Call for symbIoTe enabled mobile apps
symbIoTe-OC2-Trials Call for end user communities to participate at symbIoTe trials
Submission Deadline January 31, 2018, 17:00 CET (Brussels time)
Expected Duration of Extension Up to six (6) months
Maximum Funding per Extension Up to €50,000 (varies per topic)
Type of Activities IoT platform providers, IoT gateway manufacturers, smart device manufacturers, to implement and deploy specific symbIote-compatible software components/adaptors to their solutions so as to open their resources (sensors, actuators, services, etc) to third parties through the symbIoTe middleware. Mobile application developers, to implement smart phone applications that use the available symbIoTe-compatible platforms. End user communities and municipalities to participate to the symbIoTe trials.
Type of Applicants Start-ups, SMEs, companies or research institutes/organizations, with legal entity established, that own/operate/develop/manufacture  IoT platforms or IoT gateways or smart devices, or companies that develop smart phone applications, or  end-user communities. The solutions should be relevant to the symbIoTe use cases, in particular Smart Residence/Office/Building/Stadium and Smart Cities (including mobility and citizen involvement). However, solutions in other domains are also welcomed, if complementarity/relevance to the symbIoTe use cases is adequately demonstrated. No consortia are allowed; only single entities can apply.
Language of Proposals English
Help-desk Management Issues Technical Issues
Proposal Submission Platform Open Call closed on January 31st, 2018, at 17:00 CET
Event Date
Publication of 2nd Open Call October 31, 2017
Deadline for Pre-proposal Feasibility Check December 15, 2017
Deadline for Proposal Submission January 31, 2018, 17:00 CET (Brussels time)
Notification of Results March 9, 2018
Third Parties joining the Project After March 23, 2018
  1. What is an ‘Extension’?

    The term ‘Extension’ refers to the proposals funded, since the proposals aim at ‘extending’ the symbIoTe ecosystem with new IoT platforms.

  2. Is my company/organization eligible for funding?

    OC2 is open to any organization eligible under art.10 of the H2020 rules of participation, i.e. any start-ups, SMEs, companies or research institutes/organizations, with legal entity established in a Member State or Associated country.

  3. Can we participate in consortium with another company?

    Participation of companies and/or research centers through consortia is not eligible. Only single entities can apply.

  4. Can we present two or more proposals?

    A single company/organization can submit a maximum of 1 application per each topic. However only one Extension will be funded per applicant.

  5. Is pre-proposal feasibility check mandatory?

    No, the pre-proposal feasibility check service is optional and it’s purpose is only to help applicants shape better their submissions. Moreover, getting positive feedback from the feasibility check does not imply that the proposal will be accepted. The final selection will be done after the submission deadline passes, and will be based on the evaluation made by external experts.

  6. Where can I find more information about the resources offered by the IoT platforms offered by the symbIoTe partners?

    All necessary details are provided in the Technical details of the Open Call. For the applicants interested in topics ‘symbIoTe-OC2-L1’, ‘symbIoTe-OC2-L2’  and ‘symbIoTe-OC2-L3/4’, if you wish to know more things about the platforms, you can either check a more detailed description of the platforms under the section “symbIoTe-OC2-Apps”, on page 21 of the aforementioned document, or visit the links that are available under the Business Cases section of our web site (in each case, click on the “Key Facts – Trials” tab and find the links to the platforms’ web sites). However, please be reminded that the submission form does not ask that many technical details.

  7. When the trials are planned?

    Applicants will commit to participate to symbIoTe events such as Trials, Challenge and Demos planned for mid/end 2018 in order to demonstrate their solution and the symbIoTe interoperability.

  8. Does the applicants have to provide the source code of their Extensions?

    Extensions are closely related to the licensing scheme of the involved IoT solutions. In this context, any modifications of your platform’s code can remain under your ownership. Of course, if your platform is open sourced, we would be more than happy to assist you in publishing your modifications to the open source community so as to help spreading the symbIoTe vision! If your Extension involves modification to our core symbIoTe middleware, then these changes in the source code will have to be available to the community, since the middleware is under Open Source license.

  9. Should I include indirect costs in the declared budget?

    Applicants familiar with EU-funding projects ask whether there should be a clear distinction between direct and indirect costs. In our Open Call, we tried to keep things a bit simpler: we don’t go into details about direct and indirect costs, we just care about the costs per category and the total one. Hence, please declare the total budget in the “Budget” field of the applicaiton form and the budget foreseen per category of expenses (personnel costs, travel budget, equipment expenses if applicable) in the “budget breakdown” field.

  10. What is the estimated number of trips I should budget for?

    We expect that selected Third Parties will attend two (2) one-day plenary meetings or technical workshops of the symbIoTe consortium in order to present their progress and discuss with symbIoTe representatives details of their Extensions. Such meetings will be held in a European country. You can consider an average cost for traveling in Europe about 600-800 euros per person.

  11. Who will evaluate my submission?

    Each submission will be assessed by two (2) external experts not committed in the symbIoTe project. In addition, one (1) expert from symbIoTe will be the third evaluator. The submissions related to each topic will be assessed by dedicated experts teams according to expertise and competences concerned.

  12. When I get the notification of results?

    The evaluation procedure will last one month after the closure of the deadline (31st January 2018). All the applicants will be notified about the evaluation results no later than March 9th, 2018.

  13. My proposal has been selected for funding, now what?

    The selected Third Parties will sign the symbIoTe Standard Extension Contract with the symbIoTe Coordinator. The Standard Extension Contract includes clauses on i) Obligation for Third Parties, ii) General rules for management of IPR and iii) Results Reporting and Payments.

  14. When will selected Extensions start?

    Selected Extensions can start at the earliest on March 23rd, 2018. The deadline for the final report and documentation is expected no later than six (6) months after the start of the Extension.

  15. When will I get funded?

    As a financial support provided by the Project to Selected Third Party, the following scheduled payments apply:

    • 40% of the overall financial support as advance payment after the signature of the Agreement with the Coordinator.
    • 30% of the overall financial support as interim payment based on the evaluation by the symbIoTe consortium of the Intermediate Report, edited and provided by the selected Third Party approximately at the midpoint of the work planned.
    • 30% of the overall financial support as final payment based on the evaluation by the symbIoTe consortium of the Final Report, edited and provided by Selected Third Party at the end of the work planned and (eventually) following a formal approval of the report and the work at a Technical Project Review by the EC.
  16. What has to be reported for a reimbursement of costs?

    Successful Third Parties need to submit 2 reports on a timely basis to the symbIoTe Coordinator, whose approval permits the reimbursement of costs:

    • Intermediate Report edited and provided by the Third Party at the midpoint of the work planned;
    • Final Report edited and provided by the Third Party at the conclusion of the work planned and eventually following a formal approval of the report and the work at a technical project review by the EC.

    The report template for cost reimbursement is available as Annex to the symbIoTe Standard Extension Contract.

  17. What support will be given to the selected Third Parties during the Extension?

    Selected Third Parties will be supported during the implementation of the Extension by symbIoTe Partners. A Supporting Team (composed by a technical champion and a business champion) will follow for the whole duration of the extension the Third Party selected, providing support for technical/business aspects. Selected Third Parties will receive from the Supporting Team an initial briefing in order to discuss and focus the work to be performed during the Extension. Selected Third Parties can contact the Supporting Team on per-need basis on technical and business matters. The Supporting Team will monitor on timely basis the progresses of the Extension in order to ensure the proper execution of the planned work.