OC1 - short statsTwo days ago (Feb 28), we had the deadline for submissions to our 1st Open Call. After three months of continuous dissemination, many presentations and a webinar, reaching out to interested IoT stakeholders, we are pleased to announce some preliminary statistics with respect to the attracted participation.

We received 34 eligible proposals through the F6S platform, from IoT companies based in 14 countries across Europe. A large percentage of the involved IoT platforms targeted domains such as Smart Residence, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility, fully aligned with symbIoTe’s Business Cases!

We are now entering the evaluation phase, where external evaluators will review the submissions and select the best ones to be joining our efforts in creating an IoT interoperability ecosystem. The winning submissions will be announced on the 7th of April.

Thank you all for your interest and your participation in our 1st Open Call!


… and don’t forget: time is flying, so stay tuned for our 2nd Open Call with larger funding and wider scope!!!