symbIoTe participated in a two-day event in Berlin. On March 16, symbIoTe together with the IoT projects belong to the IoT EPI participated in the Meet & Greet. During the event we had the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange ideas with the members of the projects. Every project coordinator presented their platform in 3 minutes pitches to encourage usage. Sergios Soursos (ICOM), coordinator of symbIoTe, invited participants to dive deeply into the symbIoTe platform and expand the existing pool of use cases, technologies and business models that symbIoTe will support.




On March 17 in AHOY! Berlin, a co-working and innovation space, 11 international teams from Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain met for the IoT EPI Challenge to co-create visionary scenarios and shape the IoT solutions of tomorrow!

Facilitated by the dynamic IoT EPI crew, the teams addressed topics of Mobility, Retail and Trust. The teams were guided by technical and business mentors from involved IoT projects.


symbIoTe mentors worked hand in hand to support teams all the way from the morning brainstorming sessions to the evening pitches:

Ivana Podnar Zarko, UNIZG-FER, symbIoTe Technical Manager, the Mobility Challenge;

Giuseppe Piro, POLIBA, symbIoTe Security Team, the Trust Challenge;

Mario Drobics, AIT, symbIoTe Technologies Team, the Retail Challenge;

Adam Olszewski, PSNC, symbIoTe Open Innovation Team (living labs), the Trust Challenge.


Participants enjoyed learning from new, like-minded colleagues and digging into the details of IoT scenarios. The challenge agenda was fully packed and created a very dynamic atmosphere and a highly productive day. The collaboration spirit and the knowledge exchange was ample during the sessions and as Ivana Podnar Zarko said “You could see that teams really trusted us and were open to experiment with our IoT platforms”. The participants, mostly experts but also new members of the IoT world, shared a vision of secure yet agile and transparent sharing of IoT data and devices across multiple IoT platforms and tapped into questions:

  • What is the best way to use the added value from interoperable IoT platforms?
  • What if we could access multiple platforms by registering only with a single one?
  • What if all our data was securely handled by the people/organizations we trust?
  • What if we could develop new IoT applications and federate with other platforms without caring much about security or privacy issues?


In the end of the day and after long discussions the judges announced the winning solutions:

1. Tool station (Retail) – 2000 euro prize – IoT system to manage vending machines with heavy duty tools, such as grinders, drills, etc.; 2. Legal Harbour (Trust) – 500 euro prize – IoT / blockchain system to handle processes and transactions taking place among numerous actors in ports; 3. Innroute (Mobility) – 500 euro prize – IoT shared parking service for cities.
ToolStation_Retail LegalPort_Trust Innroute_Mobility

After the award celebration, one of the judges, Tobias Kraus from BMW, disclosed that “…the level of proposed solutions made it so difficult to choose winners. Also, the criteria made us go beyond judging the business model and its technical feasibility. We also evaluated how the teams collaborated during the day and how well they fit the project platforms”. 




At the end of the day, Marc Boyle who worked on the Park-a-lot in the Trust Challenge stated  “It was tough to squeeze our 20 years’ system design experience into a 3-minute pitch, but surprisingly we made it!”

symbIoTe team is proud to be part of such a succesful event and meet IoT professionals from around Europe. By being here it means a lot to us and stengthens our bonds and increases the chances for further collaborations.

Congratulations to all participants! We hope to meet you again soon in our open calls.


Innroute (3rd prize winners) already participates in the first open call of symbIoTe.


By: Adam Olszewski, PSNC









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