We have successfully completed the administrative procedures to on-board three new companies in symbIoTe. OptionsNet, Terracom Informatics Ltd and  Fincons S.p.A. have finalized the contractual duties for symbIoTe’s 1st Open Call enrollment and have officially entered the symbIoTe ecosystem starting from May 22nd 2017.

OptionsNet  (Greece) will integrate their SaMMY, a Smart Platform for the Management of Yachting Marinas, in symbIoTe and deploy test runs especially for the port of Patras, Greece.

Terracom Informatics  (Greece) will integrate their QR-Patrol (www.qrpatrol.com), an online cloud/mobile platform for guard tour management integration IoT devices.

Fincons  (Italy) will integrate their SoundMapp platform, which  targets the EU-wide relevant problem of citizens exposed to noise pollution in urban areas, in particular road traffic and civil works.

Competition has been tough: out of 37 received proposals, 22 obtained a ranking above thresholds by our panel of External Experts and these top three proposals have eventually obtained funding.

The full symbIoTe consortium is eager to start working with these new companies and extend our symbiotic ecosystem of IoT platforms!

Stay in touch with us to get further news on results of this collaboration.