symbIoTe-L1-hiresThe third release of symbIoTe software has been published on GitHub on last Oct 10, tagged as version 1.0.0. A new version of symbIoTe Core Services is included which fully implements a semantic IoT search engine over resources that are symbIoTe-enabled and offered by the underlying platforms. In addition, the developed Cloud Components extend existing IoT platforms with interoperability-related features. This release enables semantic and interoperable interactions between cross-domain applications and IoT platforms.

Some key highlights:

  • Our solution to semantic interoperability is lightweight on the platform side since symbIoTe targets primarily integration of existing platforms that might like to avoid using the heavy-weight Semantic Web technologies. It is also flexible since platforms are allowed to define new concepts in accordance with their information models.
  • symbIoTe’s solution to AuthN & AuthZ is decoupled and relies on a PKI certificate trust chaining architecture and Multi-Domain Access Rights Composition. Resources are protected using the Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) paradigm.
  • Release components are implemented as micro-services using the Spring Framework. This allows platform providers to choose an appropriate set of components and features matching their needs.
  • An agile development process was followed by our EU-wide team to produce in total more than 90,000 LOC and implement an innovative interoperability solution which currently integrates 5 real IoT platforms: 3 open-source solutions OpenIoT, openHAB, and Node-RED, and two proprietary ones Symphony by Nextworks and OpenUWEDAT by Austrian Institute of Technology.


A glimpse into symbIoTe v1.0.0 software components

A glimpse into symbIoTe v1.0.0 software components

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