OC2 - short stats On latest Jan 31st, 2018 we closed the submission procedures for our 2nd Open Call.

51 eligible applications have been received  through the F6S platform.  Applicants come from 14 countries across Europe, with profiles ranging from SMEs (75%), to Research Centers (14%) and Industry (4%).

All the 2nd Open Call themes have been properly covered. We received

  • 15 applications or symbIoTe Level-1 compliant IoT platforms
  • 12 applications for symbIoTe Level-2 compliant IoT platforms
  • 14 applications  for symbIoTe Level-3/4 compliant IoT platforms
  • 7 applications for symbIoTe enabled mobile apps
  • 3 proposals for trials (2 in Zagreb, 1 in Porto)

Thank you all for your interest and your participation in our 2nd Open Call!

The evaluation process is now ongoing with external experts, who are helping us to evaluate  the best applicants and the more impactful project proposals.

The notification of the selected applications  will be announced on March 9th, 2018.

Stay tuned for further news on this in the coming weeks.