A new release of symbIoTe software has been published on GitHub on last May 18th, tagged as version 2.0.0.open_source_nl

We have completed many aspects of our open source IoT middleware and just released a complete version of our software for symbIoTe Core, Cloud and Smart Spaces components.

This Release 2.0.0 of SymbIoTe marks the 1st public Release of L2-compliance sw modules  for symbIoTe Cloud and of SymbIoTe Smart Space.  Also, a number of some bug fixes is included to L1-compliance sw modules

The relevant repositories including these new features in their master branch are:

  • SymbIoTeCore: includes all components implementing the symbIoTe semantic IoT search engine. Deployment and usage information can be found in repository Wiki.
  • SymbIoTeCloud: includes all the needed components which extend existing IoT platforms with interoperability-related features to become symbIoTe L1-compliant and now also with platform federation capabilities (L2) . Deployment and usage information can be found in the repository Wiki.
  • SymbioteSmartSpace: includes all the modules to register and grant access to IoT resources in it, regardless of which “local” IoT platform they belong to. Deployment and usage information can also be found in the repository Wiki.

Our IoT interoperability toolkit is consolidating fast and soon we will also have cross-domain IoT apps to support our trial business case experimentation and the Open Call 2 winning projects.

We’re also continuing to work on symbIoTe Enablers, which will also enhance the symbIoTe ecosystem by added-value IoT services.

Stay tuned with our vibrant community and consider joining the symbIoTe ecosystem!