D7.3 – Initial Report on Standardization Analysis and Recommendations (M14) DOI
D2.2 – symbIoTe Virtual IoT Environment Implementation (M13) DOI
D4.1 – symbIoTe Smart Space Middleware Tools, Protocols and Core Mechanisms (M13) DOI
D2.3 – Report on symbIoTe Domain-Specific Enablers and Tools (M13) DOI
D1.3 – Final Specification of Use Cases and Initial Report on Business Models (M12) DOI
D7.2 – Report on first External Liaisons Workshop (M12) DOI
D3.1 – Basic Resource Trading Mechanisms and Access Scopes (M11) DOI
D2.1 – Semantics for IoT and Cloud resources (M10) DOI
D1.2 – Initial Report on System Requirements and Architecture (M9) DOI
D6.1 – 1st Open Call Text and Submission Template (M8) DOI
D5.1 – Implementation Framework (M8) DOI
D7.1 – Initial Dissemination Plans (M6) DOI
D1.1 – Initial Report on Use Cases (M6) DOI
D8.1 – Initial Data Management Plan (M6) DOI

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