Smart Residence

The last decade saw a tremendous rise of off-the-shelve smart devices, some of them integrated with home/office appliances (lighting control, temperature thermostats, household appliances, etc.), others embedded with personal devices (e.g. smartphone, smart watches, sensors bands, etc.). From the perspective of data integration, consolidation and analysis, the coexistence of all these smart devices within a single eco-system provides a unique opportunity for implementing innovative services for the users widely ranging from the wellness and coherence of environment context configuration with user’s habits to personal health and safety.

In a SymbIoTe-powered smart home / smart office, local cloud and dynamic service composition is exploited in a unified middleware platform to manage and access functions across any available devices, from smart phones and tablets, to automation devices, media players, and personal health and environment sensors. The use case goal is to demonstrate cross-IoT domain services in the Smart Home/Office.

Detection of user’s presence is used to set appropriate context configurations. Use case also demonstrates virtualization of IoT gateways and wireless MAC, and integrate home devices with Smart Health devices. IoT platforms in use include Symphony (by NXW), nAssist (by S&C), universAAL (by AIT), TarquinIoT (by UNIDATA). Trials run in Nextworks (Pisa, Italy: 20 users) and AIT (Wien, Austria: 20 users), and deploy up to 50 types of sensors & actuators from various technologies.


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