Smart Yachting

Motor yachts all over the European part of the Mediterranean are about 5000 units in the class over 24mt length, and 3 millions ca below 24mt length. The port is an organization/authority and public space where the demand/offer of the boating/marine sector is executed for upkeep, supply and refit, as well as for the access to mooring information (distances, coordinates, depths, spaces, etc.). It is crucial to implement smart system that can automate and simplify business decisions to simplify and reduce costs for the different processes.

This use case works on the automation for information processes between mega yachts and mainland.

Scenarios of user’s setting transparently following the user from the smart yacht to the smart home through the smart port are implemented, together with access to enhanced information for mooring services from Port Authorities, automated supply chain activation for refitting, maintenance and yacht services. IoT platforms in use for this use case are Symphony (by NXW) and NAVIGO DIGITALE (by NAVIGO). Trials run in Port of Viareggio &Port of Olbia (Italy) including up to 5 Mega Yachts from 24 to 70 metres and can possibly be extended to Marina S.Rocco and Marina Cala de Medici (Italy).



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