open_source_nlnew release of symbIoTe software has been published on GitHub on lat Mar 30, tagged as version 1.2.0.

We have worked in this months to consolidate many aspects of our core and cloud software, to get prepared to our trial business case experimentation and to get ready to welcome the Open Call 2 projects (winners to be announced soon).

Key relevant enhancements available in this v1.2.0 are summarised in the following per service area:

  • Security
    • improved token caching feature
    • new feature released to support composite access policies
    • released SymbIoTeSecurityHelper  to create the PAAM keystore to avoid altering any Security classes as was done before
  • Resource Access Proxy
    • improved support of platform-specific information models on the platform side
  • Search
    • support queries by using the Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) for observed properties
    • search results now include input parameters and actuator capabilities
  • Administration
    • code refactoring to use the React framework
    • added support for platform and user information update
  • Documentation 
    • Improved software and project documentation as well as code coverage

The relevant repositories including these new features in their master branch are:

  • SymbIoTeCore: includes all components implementing the symbIoTe semantic IoT search engine
  • SymbIoTeCloud: includes all the needed components which extend existing IoT platforms with interoperability-related features to become symbIoTe L1-compliant

We’re continuing to work on symbIoTe Enablers, which will be soon released to the public to enhance the symbIoTe ecosystem by added-value IoT services to simplify further the development of cross-domain IoT apps and to support our business cases.

Join our vibrant symbIoTe community on GitHub and make your platform symbIoTe-enabled!

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