We have successfully completed the administrative procedures to on-board 15 new companies in symbIoTe, winners of our 2nd Open Call application process.


After a tough competition (51 received eligible proposals, 25 with evaluation ranking above thresholds by our panel of External Experts), the top 15 project proposals got eventually funded and started their planned activities as of May 2nd,  2018.

Topic Type Company/Organization City, Country Short Project Description
L1 compliant platforms SME Sharigo srl Roma, Italy Sharigo Taxi: a distributed urban IoT platform

Integrate Sharigo Taxi platform for sensor data sharing (accelerometer, GPS, microphone, gyroscope, etc.) with sensors addons from external platforms (e.g. air quality sensors and environmental sensors) interconnected via symbIoTe

SME GDi Zagreb, Croatia GDi Ensemble for IoT

GDi Ensemble for IoT can provide to the symbIoTe ecosystem information about locations of objects and sensors like mileage, fuel level, temperature, speed, engine status, and driver.


compliant platforms

University Technical Univ. of Madrid – CeDInt Madrid, Spain CeDInt IoT Platform

Federate CeDInt-UPM platform with the symbIoTe platforms for the Smart Residence, Smart Building and/or EduCampus domains and add IoT objects obtained from Montegancedo pilots (CeDInt building and the Street Lighting infrastructure).

SME Terracom Ioannina, Greece QR-Patrol

Make QR-Patrol Level 2 compliant within the EduCampus use case and create an IoT federation with the other platforms (KIT/IOSB/EDITA) to increase the security level of the campus community (students/teachers/researchers to send SOS alerts with accurate location or incident/damage  reports via smartphones)

Start-up Sensinov Toulouse, France SymbIoTe oneM2M Extension

Develop interworking between oneM2M and symbIoTe IoT platform for Smart Residence following symbIoTe federation approach. Make available a complete oneM2M-based IoT platform including both HW & SW

Research organization VizLore Labs Foundation Novi Sad, Serbia VizLore IoT platform

Integrate VizLore smart access control and indoor positioning into the overall EduCampus framework and enable joint validation and on-site demonstration at selected university campuses

L3/4 compliant platforms Start-up Modosmart S.L. Llucmajor, Spain ELIO

A SymbIoTe Smart Space will be integrated and deployed in the ELIO gateway and the sensors and actuators will be extended with the SymbIoTe agent so that to become SymbIoTe L3 compatible. The platform will expose a set of resources at device level (e.g. for heating/cooling control, room monitoring, device status, etc.) and at gateway level (e.g. for energy saving measurements, statistics, etc.).

SME Envira Llanera, Spain Nanoenvi IAQ

Make the  Nanoenvi IAQ system compatible with the symbIoTe ecosystem to give an open solution to air quality indoor measurement.

SME ISTMOS (ASN) Athens, Greece ISTMOS for symbIoTe

Make three types of gateways, used by ISTMOS, symbIoTe L3 -compliant. These gateways are used in the frame of an already running pilot “Certified product care”, with five participating locations and 11 gateways. They include NB-IoT device, Shield Deluxe, TI-Sensortag and Raspberry-PI3 gateway, TZONE, TZ-TT18.

SME GRIDNET S.A. Volos, Greece Open gateway for augmented smart-HOME services – OpenHOME

Implementation of L3 compliance with symbIoTe platform, to enable discovery and sharing of connected devices and available services across the two vertical domains of Smart-Home and Smart-City environments.

Apps University IoT Lab @ CUT Limassol, Cyprus IoT for Education: Presenting Air Quality matters

IoT4Ed will be an Android app specifically aimed to educate secondary school students about the environment (more specifically air pollution) and inform them how they could potentially take simple measures to improve the air quality.

Research organization TecnaliaICTUrban Derio, Spain Urban Comfort Metering Mobile Application

Implement a mobile application to measure the global comfort (e.g. speed of the wind, air temperature, relative humidity, noise) and the thermal and acoustic comfort of public spaces (e.g. degree of users’ satisfaction in relation to the environmental conditions like characteristics of the place and the activities that are being carried out).

Start-up Envi4All by S. Skiadopoulos Athens, Greece Envi4All

Extend the existing service, namely Envi4All, that provides historical, real-time and forecast information on the air pollution levels in the context of Smart City services: expand its database and its geographical coverage also in areas where we do not provide data at the moment (e.g. Zagreb); use the Green Route Enabler to provide users with routing services based on the available air quality information.

Trials NGO Udruga “Sindikat Biciklista” Zagreb – Croatia Developing clean bicycle routes in the City of Zagreb

Build a network of volunteers to monitor the air quality in the city of Zagreb and compile the data acquired from the volunteers to provide a detailed map of the town and the quality of air.

SME Monitar, Lda. Viseu, Portugal MONITAR’s Air Quality Trials for Porto

Support the trials for the Smart Mobility and Ecological Routing Use Case in the city of Porto with 10 university students who will carry the wearable sensors for air quality and 15-20 other students provided with a mobile application. The monitored locations are the ones closest to the university and the touristic centre (between Aliados, Clérigos and São Bento).


The full symbIoTe consortium has eagerly started working with these new companies to integrate them and rapidly extend our symbiotic ecosystem of IoT platforms!

On May 11th, 2018 we have organised a full day welcome workshop in Viareggio( IT) to introduce our  new  3rd parties to the symbIoTe architecture and software and plan their next steps in hacking.

We expect great value and results from this collaboration.

Stay in touch with us to get further news in the next few months!

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