03Nov 2017

By making their IoT platforms symbIoTe enabled, the IoT platform providers can expose their resources to third party applications. Their resources will be searchable through symbIoTe Core Services and able to be used together with resources from other IoT platforms. In such a way platform providers ensure a wider usage of their resources in the IoT ecosystem. This blog […]

13Jul 2017

With growing number of IoT devices, often of low computing power, we observe increased security risk in our environment. Wireless sensors and actuators (devices that invoke actions in the physical world according to the signals received through an ICT network) that dominate IoT environments, often have holes through which malicious hackers can break into conventional […]

03May 2017

With the IoT becoming a reality, IT infrastructures and software systems get more and more complex while the need for their interoperability intensifies. Interoperability spreads broadly over different IoT systems, layers and IoT-related sectors. For example, there are industries that request for or even need to enhance the information flow along their production value chain […]

17Feb 2017

This blog entry introduces concepts and requirements for platforms to become symbIoTe-enabled (“symbIoTe Level 1 Compliance”) and is relevant to the symbIoTe 1st Open Call applicants. Interoperability is an important IoT topic, not only in academic circles where semantic interoperability has been a hot topic in the last couple of years, but also for standardization […]

08Feb 2017

We launch our Blog series with this first entry on the scope and vision of symbIoTe! The word “symbiote” (pronounced sim-bee-oht), is often used in biology to describe an organism living in a state of symbiosis, i.e., the close association between two or more organisms of different species, often but not necessarily benefiting each member. […]

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